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Jasper Johns: 100 Variations on a Theme

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The prolific print maker, Jasper Johns, began creating beautiful art featuring flags, targets alphabets, and other everyday objects in the 1950s that became a theme of his art for nearly six decades. His choice in subject matter marked a rapid departure from the abstract art that dominated the creative scene during the inception of his career, a contrast that established him as one of America’s most influential artists.

In 2015, Johns created the series of 100 mono-prints titled Jasper Johns: 100 Variations on a Theme that will be displayed September 29th – February 16th at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. This series was created over the course of ten days using an experimental intaglio plate as the basis for the mono-print. Johns included symbols of Americans Sign Language and an imprint of his hand into the original print. The image was then transformed 100 times, each with a unique look that creates a story line as you view the prints. 

The series allows viewers to understand John’s entire career as he includes features reminiscent of his earlier works. John’s prints are a beautiful, autobiographic expression of his life realized through unexpected art that will awe all visitors, so make sure to check out this exhibit before it’s gone! 

Visit the exhibit at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston now through February 16, 2020.

All Photos Courtesy of MFAH

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