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JoyBox Fine Flowers Delivers Happiness in a Box

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JoyBox Fine Flowers launched in 2017 by Houstonian, Layla Asgari, and opened the doors to their studio almost a year later. Layla, a dentist by trade, started JoyBox after realizing her dream floral arrangement didn’t exist, a statement box filled to the brim with seasonal blooms.  Her unique boxes are handmade in Houston and are available in every color under the rainbow. Layla works with her team to dream up new floral designs daily, so they’re always fresh.  

The arrangements and studio quickly became one of the hottest gifts and Instagram destinations in town.  The spring collection features roses from Ecuador, exotic flowers from Holland and Japan, and locally grown garden roses.  

The Everlasting Rose is one of the hottest floral items at the moment and JoyBox’s take on them is by far the most attractive. They last up to a year or more with no water in a chic acrylic box. When asked about the recent nationwide obsession with these flowers, Layla said, “I personally love all of the cool color options and the uniformity of each rose. It makes a really great and modern presentation that lasts!”  Thanks to their lifespan, JoyBox ships their wide color range of Everlasting Roses nationwide.  

Visit the studio Monday through Friday 10 am – 3 pm or shop online and make sure to follow along on Instagram for daily floral inspiration!

Photo Courtesy of Biyani Photography

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