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Reflect on your Medical Ethics Compass with A.D Players

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A.D. Players has been putting on one of a kind performances since 1967. Founder, Jeannette Clift George was a Golden Globe-nominated actress returned to her hometown of Houston to bring together her love of the theater and extensive experience to her community. A.D Players is kicking off their summer performances with The God Committee by Mark St. Germain. A show which will make you think about not just your own morals but those around you. 

Knowledge opens us up to act, and understanding opens us up to care. The God Committee provides us with knowledge and understanding. May it move at least one person to act and save a life.

Director, Alice Gatling

The medical drama takes place in real time, looking in as the ethics committee of a New York hospital has 90 minutes to decide between 3 candidates on who is going to get a heart that is being transported as they speak. The play will explore emotional issues, ethics, and morals of transplant surgeries. The cast includes resident actors Christy Watkins and Chip Simmons, and local artists Kaci M. Fannin, Shondra Marie, Philip Lehl, Luis Galindo and Braden Hunt.

See The God Committee May 15th through June 2nd at The George Theater. Tickets are available online.

Image Courtesy of A.D Players at The George Theater

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