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Take Note: Winter 2020 Edition

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From luxe leather bags to clean skincare and chic lounge wear, Houston is full of businesses that are breaking the mold and making a name for themselves. Our winter issue featured our second installment of ‘Take Note,’ a collection of noteworthy brands and initiatives that offer unique experiences and products.

Photo Courtesy of Universal Standard

Universal Standard  

After years of being frustrated that size inclusivity and style were mutually exclusive, co-founders Polina Veksler and Alexandra Waldman launched Universal Standard. The brand carries a wide assortment of everyday basics, work wear items and on trend pieces in sizes 00-40. Each style goes through rigorous fit testing, so the worries of “this is made for a size 6 and doesn’t fit me right” are thoughts of the past. Their 1:1 concept opened in Montrose this fall and is unlike any other store you’ve ever seen. Instead of simply looking like a store that took over a house, the well curated home has clothing racks and dressing rooms strategically placed to create a welcoming environment. Book your appointment now to experience this unique shopping experience.

Photo Courtesy of Moreau Paris

Moreau Paris  

Moreau Paris was established in 1882 with the dream of creating luxury leather travel items and leather goods that were unlike anything ever created before. The original team took inspiration from the natural patterns of classic wicker suitcases to create the uniquely minimalistic design seen on many Moreau pieces. Over the decades, they’ve continued to value luxury and create modern styles that stay true to their roots. Each piece is carefully crafted in France with the company’s signature stitching. Many of their iconic totes are also reversible and customizable. If you want to put your own unique spin on your timeless bag, know that the Houston location offers stamping and hand painting.   

Photo Courtesy of Drunk Elephant

Drunk Elephant  

Did you know that an in-flight skincare routine is just as important as your morning and evening regimen? No matter how long your flight is, the planes extremely dry air will leave your skin feeling as if you’ve just spent time in the desert. Luckily, cultfavorite and locally founded skincare brand Drunk Elephant has you covered. Their mini sets are not only TSAapproved, but they’ll also leave your skin hydrated and refreshed. Before you catch your next flight, pick up one of the sets at local favorite Kuhl-Linscomb or one of the many Sephora’s around town.   

Photo Courtesy of HMNS/ Mike Rathke


One of Houston’s bestkept secrets is that the McFerrin Collection at the Houston Museum of Natural Science boasts the largest collection of Fabergé in North America. The historic jeweler dates back to 1842 and has always been a favorite among Royals around the world. Today, you can not only visit the museum to see over 500 Fabergé objects (including picture frames, clocks, fine jewelry and eggs), but you can also shop their current collection at the company’s only Texas retail space. If you’re looking to explore everything Fabergé has to offer, ask about their personalized, private shopping events. Your day will include reserved time at the store and a private tour of the McFerrin Collection. Whether you’re new to the brand or longtime fan, we promise youll have a magical experience.  

Photo Courtesy of Bailey Hart Creative

Edith Hour 

Lifestyle brand, Edith Hour, was founded locally by Emily Lunstroth, native Houstonian and HHM‘s very own. The company launched last year with what people are calling a “desert island essential” – The Ready Robe. Made in Texas from 100% cotton oxford shirting with a classic design and feminine cut, the robe is lightweight enough for every season. Each robe can be customized with up to a whopping eighteen characters because the brand encourages customers to expand beyond classic initials with a nickname or a special phrase. Whether you’re getting ready at home or in your hotel room, this robe is the ultimate in luxury and will elevate your time spent figuring out what to wear, how to fix your hair or which show you’re binging next.  

Feature Photo Courtesy of Moreau Paris 

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