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The Bryan Museum Preserves Texas’s Rich History

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The Bryan Museum opened in Galveston, TX in 2015 with the goal of ensuring that the story of Texas is preserved throughout generations. The museum boasts a wealth of artifacts, over 5,000 historical books, and paintings that beautifully illustrate the history of Texas spanning exploration to settlement, The Republic to statehood, and the discovery of oil to present times.

The impressive collection stimulates the curiosity of its visitors and instills a desire to learn more about Texas history as visitors venture further into the museum. With the mission to create valuable connections and to encourage personal reflection and growth you will reflect back on the road that Texas ancestors took to arrive where we are today. 

The museum continues to expand its efforts to preserve Texas’s history. As a leader in K-12 education they reinvigorate Texas history pride by creating innovative public programming and creative teaching techniques. Through new and improved educational programs to teach children in the 4th-12th grades along with their teachers and parents; The Bryan Museum reverses the effects of the fewer and fewer resources being directed to history programs in public schools across the state.

The Bryan Museum’s impressive exhibitions bring Texas history to life and is truly a treasure for all American citizens. Visit the museum Tuesday through Sunday 10 am – 5 pm. Unable to visit? Try their High Adventure Virtual Reality Experience to discover each collection from any location.

All Photos Courtesy of The Bryan Museum

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