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The Timeless Swan Lake at The Houston Ballet

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One of the most iconic ballet’s returns to Houston as The Houston Ballet presents Stanton Welch AM’s Swan Lake. This week is the final weekend to see the performance and it is not to be missed. 

Courtesy of Raven Nielsen

“Jones Hall—for many years—was the place where Houston Ballet performed all of its repertoires,” said Stanton Welch, The Harris Masterson III Artistic Director. “So, after all this chaos we’ve had with the storm and shifting from venue to venue, we return to the original place where Houston Ballet started to do these big full-length ballets. It does feel like a homecoming to us as an organization.”

Courtesy of Raven Nielsen

You will be enthralled by the production’s emotional love story, gorgeous costumes, and stunning display of talent that only Houston Ballet can deliver. Welch has been the director since 2003 and contunties to make The Houston Ballet the countires 5th largest company with 60 dancers and 33 million dollar budget.

Get tickets to Swan Lake and future performances of the Houston Ballet online.

Feature image courtesty of Raven Nielsen

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