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Dave Muscari

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Dave, a local Texan, enjoys diving deep into peoples stories and sharing all that Texas has to offer with our readers.

Jackopierce! Texas DIY Acoustic Warriors Celebrate 30 Years

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It’s been three decades since two aspiring young musicians met in college. Now, after all of the travel, concerts, songs, fans, tours, autographs and more … did they ever think it would last this long? Yeah, they sort of did. It hasn’t always been calm or comfortable, but according to Jack O’Neill and Cary Pierce, the Jacko and the Pierce who have sold 500,000 albums, its been one heck of a ride.  Keep Reading

Keepin’ It [Real] Country: Is Cody Johnson the New Garth Brooks?

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Cody Johnson’s fans know a good thing when they hear it. And what’s coming from the hard working, bull rider-turned-country-musician is catapulting his career, and may actually help other Texas Country artists turn a serious musical corner.  Keep Reading

Uncork & Unwind: Oregon Wine Country

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From historic farmhouse charm and memorable Willamette Valley wine-tasting experiences to Tillamook coastal retreats, take a lovely respite from summer-soaked extreme temperatures in the Beaver State. With variety, allure and lively experiences, the wine country of Oregon is a special place. Keep Reading

Leon Bridges, Texas Retro Soul Revue

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Think of him purely as a throwback and you’ll miss the brilliance inherent in his eclectic performances. Leon Bridges is paving his own way up the charts with a nod to the past and a healthy dose of originality. Keep Reading

Splendor of Sedona

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Can you remember the most impressive sunset you’ve ever witnessed, the one that stopped you in your tracks and left your breathless? Perhaps it was among the crowds on Mallory Square in sunny Key West, at Los Angeles’ historic Griffith Observatory, gazing across colorful rooftops in Barcelona, or on a sandy beach in Maui or exotic Tahiti. We all have our favorites. But no collection of spectacular sunsets is complete without a trip to picturesque Sedona, Arizona. Keep Reading

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