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Fall + Holiday Gift Guide: Extended Version

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‘Tis the season to shop, and you’re in the right place! No matter the occasion or holiday, Houston is guaranteed to offer the perfect present to show your friends and family how much they mean to you. You can shower your loved one with sparkling diamonds from premier jeweler Deutsch Houston or on-trend, ready-to-wear pieces from J.Landa. For western flare, mosey on down to Lucchese to be fitted for the perfect pair of handmade boots. Then, explore Tribute Goods to find upscale bedding and home decor. Whether you need something for your significant other, your home or your little one, we’ll point you in the right direction, so you can find the gifts they’re dreaming about this season. Keep Reading

Have a Worry-Free Thanksgiving Holiday

in Dining & Nightlife by

Thanksgiving is around the corner and as much we love a homemade meal we know that sometimes for one reason to another that can’t happen. Thankfully the great chefs of Houston are here for us! We rounded up the top places to either spend Thanksgiving or pick up classic TG dishes to pass off as your own. Keep Reading

Ring in the New Decade as a VIP at Hotel Derek

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It is almost time to say goodbye to 2019 and welcome a new decade and year, 2020! The annual My VIP Life Black & White Ball is one of the most lavish New Year’s Eve parties in the city, held at Hotel Derek. The progressive evening will include, unique performers, top of the line service, festive party favors, a red carpet entrance and much more! Keep Reading

Stay Warm with Relish’s New Fall Menu Additions

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Every season Relish Restaurant & Bar updates their menu to reflect both the on-trend and seasonal ingredients. Executive Chef, Dustin Teague, focused on warm, shareable plates inspired by his grandmothers cooking. Keep Reading

River Oaks District Welcomes Veronica Beard

in Shopping & Style by

Sisters-in-law’s Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard launched Veronica Beard, the brand, in 2010. The had duo set out to put a modern take on iconic pieces and launched with their signature dicky blazer – a blazer with interchangeable faux hooded-second layers. The company now offers over 20 jackets, many of which you can mix and match dickeys with to create blazer full of personality. In the past 9 years the company has grown to offer women pieces to take them from the office, to happy hour, a holiday cocktail party and every occasion between. Keep Reading

Brunches, Bars & Snappy Hours: Fall + Holiday Edition

in Dining & Nightlife by

Every issue we round up the best brunches, bars and happy hours from around the city! If you haven’t had a chance to flip through our fall + holiday issue, we highly suggest it and hope you get to check out all of these amazing spots this season! Keep Reading

Tamara Mellon’s Mobile Closet is Coming To Town

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Years after co-founding Jimmy Choo in 1996, Tamara Mellon is continuing to design shoes and break fashion boundaries. Today that is through her namesake luxury shoe and handbag company. After learning both the in’s and out’s of shoe manufacturing and craftsmanship along with figuring out exactly what makes a woman fall in love with a shoe – Tamara is delivering you quality at a new price. That price doesn’t have the traditional 6x markup many luxury shoe brands have but, a more attainable luxury price. Think $350 – $795.

Keep Reading

Mi Golondrina Brings Authentic Mexican Styles To Houston

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In 2013 Cristina Lynch launched fashion brand, Mi Golondrina out of her hometown of Dallas. Lynch was raised with rich Mexican culture and fell in love with Mexican art and design early on. The brand was founded to not only introduce traditional Mexican fashion to her modern audience but support independent female artisans. Mi Golondrina now partners with over 500 artisans in Mexico to create unique, one of a kind, handmade pieces that represent Mexico’s designs and culture.

Keep Reading

Universal Standard is Changing How You Shop

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Universal Standard started in 2015 when then friends and now co-founders, Polina Veksler and Alexandra Waldman, were frustrated with the fact that size inclusively and style were mutually exclusive. The brand now carries a wide assortment of everyday basics, work wear items and on trend pieces in sizes 00-40. Each style goes through rigorous fit testing so the worries of “will it look the same on me?” or “this is made for a size 6 and doesn’t fit me right” are thoughts of the past. Along with that many of the pieces are photographed on women of all sizes so you are able to both better determine what size you are, and have a more realistic preview of how it will fit. Keep Reading

Shopping Centers Are No Longer Cookie-Cutter Developments

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Shopping in Houston has always been noteworthy. Expanding far beyond the 3millionsquarefoot mall that opened in 1970, our extraordinary shopping centers have always included restaurants, entertainment venues and other attractions. These distinctive destinations are not only for shoppers, but also for individuals and groups looking for a full day of unique activities.   Keep Reading

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