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Rodeo Ready Gift Guide: Show Up in Style this Rodeo Season

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Houston’s abuzz as everyone gets ready for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, the world’s largest livestock show and richest regular-season rodeo. This unmatched, multi-week event kicks off on Tuesday, March 3rd and continues through March 22nd. Before you saddle up and head down to NRG Park, youll need the perfect outfit with western flair. Keep Reading

Zip Hers, Rethink Your Activewear

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With her new line of activewear, Debbie Mercer has found a solution for a universal problem all women face: having to “go” on the go. A few years ago, Mercer was in the mist of the Chicago Marathon when she noticed the long line of women waiting for the port-a-cans on the course. The men competing in the race, however, had the option to relieve themselves behind trees without waiting in long lines or losing much time in the race. Keep Reading

Southern Sophistication from CITY Boots

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No matter where youre from, whether it’s a small town or big city, you may not consider yourself a cowboy boot person. That’s why Texas native Lizzy Bentley founded CITY Boots: to cater to those looking for a stylish alternative to the southern standard.  Keep Reading

Take Note: Winter 2020 Edition

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From luxe leather bags to clean skincare and chic lounge wear, Houston is full of businesses that are breaking the mold and making a name for themselves. Our winter issue featured our second installment of ‘Take Note,’ a collection of noteworthy brands and initiatives that offer unique experiences and products. Keep Reading

Austin Based Brand Opens Houston Centric Storefront

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Beloved active wear brand, Outdoor Voices, has finally opened their doors in Houston. The company founded in 2014, in Austin offers both men and women activewear fit for daily recreation. Founder Ty Haney, has created both a brand and movement that is redefining athleisure and workout clothing, through the companies #DoingThings mantra. Every piece is built to outfit you for any and all recreation you desire, a walk, errand running, yoga, high intensity exercise and everything in between. Keep Reading

Tecovas Has a Boot for Everyone’s Style and Price Point

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Tecovas, an Austin-based western retailer, has stolen the hearts of boot lovers across the country has finally opened their doors in Houston. After spending three years strictly online, 2019 marked the brand’s first expansion into brick and mortar. Founder, CEO, and Houston-born, Paul Hedrick told us he decided to open physical stores in order to allow customers to feel and see Tecovas’s products in person. “We’re a very customer-driven brand – with customer satisfaction and an incredible overall brand experience as our primary goal. You simply can’t do that if you’re 100% online!  We’re a direct-to-consumer brand, which means our stores are 100% Tecovas and you still won’t be able to find Tecovas products in other stores.” Keep Reading

2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Extended Edition

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‘Tis the season to shop, and you’re in the right place! No matter the occasion or holiday, Houston is guaranteed to offer the perfect present to show your friends and family how much they mean to you. You can shower your loved one with sparkling diamonds from premier jeweler Deutsch Houston or on-trend, ready-to-wear pieces from J.Landa. For western flare, mosey on down to Lucchese to be fitted for the perfect pair of handmade boots. Then, explore Tribute Goods to find upscale bedding and home decor. Whether you need something for your significant other, your home or your little one, we’ll point you in the right direction, so you can find the gifts they’re dreaming about this season. Keep Reading

River Oaks District Welcomes Veronica Beard

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Sisters-in-law’s Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard launched Veronica Beard, the brand, in 2010. The had duo set out to put a modern take on iconic pieces and launched with their signature dicky blazer – a blazer with interchangeable faux hooded-second layers. The company now offers over 20 jackets, many of which you can mix and match dickeys with to create blazer full of personality. In the past 9 years the company has grown to offer women pieces to take them from the office, to happy hour, a holiday cocktail party and every occasion between. Keep Reading

Tamara Mellon’s Mobile Closet is Coming To Town

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Years after co-founding Jimmy Choo in 1996, Tamara Mellon is continuing to design shoes and break fashion boundaries. Today that is through her namesake luxury shoe and handbag company. After learning both the in’s and out’s of shoe manufacturing and craftsmanship along with figuring out exactly what makes a woman fall in love with a shoe – Tamara is delivering you quality at a new price. That price doesn’t have the traditional 6x markup many luxury shoe brands have but, a more attainable luxury price. Think $350 – $795.

Keep Reading

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