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Universal Standard is Changing How You Shop

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Universal Standard started in 2015 when then friends and now co-founders, Polina Veksler and Alexandra Waldman, were frustrated with the fact that size inclusively and style were mutually exclusive. The brand now carries a wide assortment of everyday basics, work wear items and on trend pieces in sizes 00-40. Each style goes through rigorous fit testing so the worries of “will it look the same on me?” or “this is made for a size 6 and doesn’t fit me right” are thoughts of the past. Along with that many of the pieces are photographed on women of all sizes so you are able to both better determine what size you are, and have a more realistic preview of how it will fit. Keep Reading

Shopping Centers Are No Longer Cookie-Cutter Developments

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Shopping in Houston has always been noteworthy. Expanding far beyond the 3millionsquarefoot mall that opened in 1970, our extraordinary shopping centers have always included restaurants, entertainment venues and other attractions. These distinctive destinations are not only for shoppers, but also for individuals and groups looking for a full day of unique activities.   Keep Reading

The Holiday Shopping Card Benefitting The American Cancer Society

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The Houston Holiday Shopping Card returns for yet another year of life-saving fundraising with 100% of the proceeds allocated to The American Cancer Society. This $75 card is available for purchase online and will be activated for use October 24th-November 3rd. With this card, you will receive a 20% discount at over 550 Houston retailers including Bering’s Hardware, Elizabeth Anthony, Tootsies, Tenebaum Jewelers, William Sonoma, Veronica Beard, Vincent Ford Custom Apparel, and many more. Participating restaurants including Carrabba’s, Dish Society, The Palm, and Field & Tides offer free or discounted meals to cardholders.

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River Oaks District Welcomes Avant Garden

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The world-renounced event designer Todd Fiscus has brought his Dallas-based flower boutique in all its glory to The River Oaks District across from Toulouse Café and Bar this month. His dazzling display will occupy an open and bright 2,500 foot showroom with 19-foot ceilings where the beautiful arrangements can be properly admired.  Fiscus pushes the boundaries of conventional conceptions of art with his awe-inspiring and creative works realized through flowers. The boutique draws inspiration from the glitz and glamour of the 1920s injected with a sense of modernity that proves the undeniable link across generations though art and beauty reflected in floral. Keep Reading

The KREWE Pop-Up is Back in Town

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New Orelans based sunglasses company, KREWE, is back in Houston this week! Their too-cute-to-be-true mobile Tiny House boutique will be in Heights Mercantile until Sunday, September 22nd. Keep Reading

Moreau Paris Opens Its Second Stateside Location

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Moreau Paris was established in 1882 with the dream of creating luxury leather travel items and leather goods like never before. The original creative team took inspiration from the natural patterns of classic wicker suitcases to create the uniquely minimalistic pattern seen on Moreau’s pieces. Moreau Paris has continued to value luxury from its inception in the days of Napoleon to modern times. The brand’s new Creative Director, Fedor Georges Savchenko, remains true to the brand’s original identity, while reinvigorating the brand with new life and modernity.  Each leather good is created with craftsmanship, knowledge, and French production ensuring the pieces meet the highest standard of quality and luxury. Keep Reading

Deutsch Houston Celebrates 90 Years of Expert Service

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Owner Lance Deutsch proudly carries his grandfathers tradition of having the highest quality jewelry and service. The foundation for their stellar reputation was laid in 1929 when Lances grandfathered opened a shop in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Keep Reading

Geometric Collection from Christina Greene Jewelry

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Christina Greene started her namesake jewelry line in 2011 and since then has taken the Texas jewelry world by storm. Each one of the collections is inspired by her world travels and feature genuine semi-precious stones and 18K gold plating over hypoallergenic and nickel-free brass. Her latest collection, the geometric collection, launched today and is full of pieces that are perfect for summer.  Keep Reading

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