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Craft Chocolate at Araya Artisan

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There’s something magical about chocolate— its silky texture, its balletic dance between bitter and sweet. Chocolate is the jazz of food, the universal cordon of love. It should surprise no one that chocolate is a natural source of tryptophan, a chemical that causes mood-enhancing serotonin to flood the brain. Eating a chocolate, chemically speaking, is an act of self-care.

Some of the finest chocolate in the world is made here in Houston at Araya Artisan Chocolate, a family-owned business that has been pleasing local palates since 2010. Headed by Venezuelan sisters Carla and Silvana Susi, and Carla’s husband Stefano Zullian, Araya uses fairly traded, single-origin Venezuelan cacao to create bite after memorable bite.

Classic flavors like Salted Caramel and Chipotle provide a natural point of entry. From there, venture a little further into the realm of imagination and discover artful creations like Port Wine and Violet, Margarita, or Strawberry

Balsamic. Each Araya chocolate doubles as a work of fine art. Unexpected pops of color and geometric patterns elevate the experience into one that pleases all the senses. Guilt has no place here—only pleasure.

With locations in River Oaks, Uptown Park, and Katy, and a distribution deal with local grocer Central Market, Araya’s creations are easy to find—and would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

Featured image courtesy of Araya Artisan Chocolate.

Mary Cate is a Houston-based writer, photographer, and reading fiend, recently returned to her native city after time in Austin and New York City. She loves sharing the best of Houston with the world — margaritas, anyone? She and her husband serve local businesses through their digital content company, Two Cats Communications.

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