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New Heights Restaurant Focuses on Transparency & Global Taste

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Owners Xavier and Mari Godoy are high school sweethearts from Venezuela who have a love of international cuisine. After years of working in the Oil & Gas field in Houston, the couple had the idea to open a restaurant where people left saying “You know what? I felt like I went to a friend’s house and had the best meal ever.” In January 2019 Mastrantos, an intimate and contemporary restaurant with international cuisine was born. 

The restaurant operates on three pillars: Transparency, Global Tastes, and Balance.

Transparency: Mastrantos features an open kitchen with no windows or walls between the chef and customers, along with a glass-enclosed Dough Lab where fresh plates of pasta and pastries are made daily.

Global Tastes: The menu is influenced by global flavors, and the pastas feature flavors that range from European to Latin American to Asian, along with Venezuelan and Spanish tastes inspired by the owners’ backgrounds.

Balance: Everything is meant to be balanced from the interior design, that includes a blend of rural and industrial features, to the menu made up of both balanced flavors and portions that encourage family-style sharing.

As a neighborhood restaurant, Mastrantos is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Highlights from the menu include,  Ohh my Arepas (gluten free; grilled corn patties, house scramble, avocado & Venezuelan cilantro salsa), Breakfast Tacos (Guajillo Carnitas, Avo&Eggs, Black Beans Scramble), Cubanh Mi Sandwich (a cross between a Cuban sandwich and banh mi) Chicken Arepa Tostadas (chicken salad with Peruvian aji amarillo aioli on grilled corn arepas), Seared Snapper (pan seared snapper, fava beans, farro, pistachios, mint, green apples, gremolata), Mari’s Quail (chipotle-honey Grilled quail, fried yucca, cilantro lime sauce, queso fresco, red onions), Pozole Verde (slow roasted chicken, white maize kernels, poblano, serranos, red cabbage) and much more.

Visit Mastrantos Tuesday to Friday 7 am – 2 pm + 5 – 10 pm, Saturday 8 am – 2 pm + 5 – 10 pm and Sunday 8 am – 2 pm.

Feature Photo of Chef Tony Castillo, Mari & Xavier Godoy. All Photos Courtesy of Mastrantos. 

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