Organic & Tasty Popsicles from Local Entrepreneur

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Like many nostalgic items coming back into trend, popsicles have also found their way back into the hearts, minds, and stomachs of 2019! Unlike their retro counterparts, you’ll now find this summertime favorite made with organic ingredients versus processed sugar. KICPOPS, the popular popsicle company founded by local Houstonian, Clifton Gillock, strives to bring unique flavors to the market. Using as many locally sourced products as possible, as well as whole fruits, this is the perfect healthy sweet treat.  

KICPOPS exclusively use seasonal ingredients, always allowing the menu to feel fresh and different.  Their assortment of pops includes 100% fruit popsicles (perfect for vegans), creamy popsicles and most recently, boozy pops. The boozy pops contain 7.5% alcohol and similar to the vegan option, are made of 100% fresh fruit. Fan favorites include Peach Honey Bourbon, Salted Watermelon Tequila, Mango Tajin, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, and Blackberry Lavender. With the Houston summer upon us, the easiest and most delicious way to stay cool is to enjoy a fresh popsicle from KICPOPS. 

For upcoming events where you can enjoy the perfect summer treat visit their website

All Photos Courtesy of KICPOPS

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