Perry’s Releases At Home Leftover Recipes

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Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille has long had a reputation of superior service and award-winning food. After founder Chris Perry unveiled the signature Pork Chop dish, a generously sized plate, most of which guests took home to enjoy the next day, he decided to reimagine the leftover experience by releasing recipe ideas for guests to enjoy the same dining experience the next day.

The restaurant is proud to announce more leftover recipes curated by celebrity chef Rick Moonen that will turn your leftover meal from Perry’s into a continuation of the ultimate dining experience offered by Perry’s Steakhouse. These recipes will include options to reimagine leftovers from some of Perry’s most delicious dishes including White Bean Pork Chili, Pork Stroganoff, Spicy Pork Larb Cabbage Wraps and Pork Quesadillas. Their team encourages you to check the website regularly as new leftover recipes will be added to fit every season.

Additionally, Perry’s has launched 5 delicious off the menu season dishes for fall. Including the Harvest Salad, White Bean Pork Chili, Lobster Truffle Risotto, Butternut Squash and Pumpkin Cheesecake. Be sure to try them before they are gone!

Perry's Lobster Truffle Risotto
Lobster Truffle Risotto

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