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Where Are They Now?: Revival Market Reunion Series

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Revival Market is a Houston Heights’s craft butcher shop and cafe run by the well known Agricole Hospitality. Established with the intention of serving responsibly sourced food and always have a talented lineup of chefs. Eight Row Flint, a modern ice house with whiskey, beer, tacos, and tequila has been hosting an outdoor cooking series this summer that is wrapping up by bringing back old names. 

Each week past chefs will be taking over Eight Row Flint and cooking up something new and sentimental to them!

August 7: Andrew Vaserfirer

Courtesy of Andrew Vaserfirer

Then: Revival Market charcuterie, butcher and sous chef, 2012-2016

Now: He runs Mondo Market in Denver, a shop with a large cheese and charcuterie selection, as well as sandwiches and pasta.

What he’s cooking: Shashlik (marinated leg of lamb shish-kebab), lepeshka (flatbread) and a tomato salad. “This is a classic Uzbek dish I grew up eating – one of my favorites. My family immigrated from Uzbekistan decades ago. While I’ve never been, I grew up eating the varied cuisine and want to share it. Kebabs are a great introduction, especially over live fire. Uzbekistan was a trade crossroad. The food is influenced by so many cultures: Indian (plov), Turkish (kebab), Chinese (pulled noodles and dumplings) and more.

August 14: Sam Chang

Courtesy of Christina Chang

Then: Line cook, 2011-2012.

Now: After working in the kitchens of Oxheart, Underbelly and Revival Market, he now works in restaurant operations analysis at a local restaurant group.

What he’s cooking: Taiwanese fried chicken sandwiches and Taiwanese-style grilled street corn.”Being Taiwanese, I’ve always wanted to turn people on to the kinds of things that I ate growing up. In Taiwan, they coat their fried chicken in a coarse sweet potato flour that has a texture that’s unlike anything else I’ve come across. It gives the chicken some extra crunch, and I’ve always felt that it needs to be made into a sandwich. The street corn is a straight-up replica of what you’ll find at night markets in Taiwan. It’s glazed in sweet chili sauce and then basted in Sachajang butter, which is a paste made with garlic, shallots, chilis and dried seafood.”

August 21: Matt Wommack

Courtesy of Matt Wommack

Then: Revival Market morning opener, 2011-2013. He made the breakfast tacos, daily soups, set up the cases, butchered and prepped the food for the rest of the day.

Now: Sous chef at Nobie’s in Montrose.

What he’s cooking: Ancho Prawns, Tajin Spiced Grilled Melon Salad. “I’ve always been fascinated by cooking vegetables and fruit with techniques traditionally used for meat. Plus, it’s still going to be hot outside, so refreshing flavors are key.”

August 28: Joey Luna

Courtesy of Revival Market

Then: Joey worked almost every position at Revival, 2012-2017. His most recent role was assistant manager. His favorite role was early morning bacon slicer.

Now: General Manager of Momentum Indoor Climbing Silver Street.

What he’s cooking: Tacos Árabes with a purslane salad. “My inspiration comes from my grandfather who was born in Puebla, MX. I remember from an early age eating these tacos and learning about the history of the city from him. Eating this street food takes me back to spending the whole day in the markets that my family operates”.

Cooking will begin each night at 5p.m and will be $15 for each dish!

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