Breakthrough Cream Delivers Pain Relief Without The Risk

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Sisters Dr. Jessica Kado and Dr. Rachel Kado, a dermatologist and an immunologist, have developed a groundbreaking pain reliever that mimics the healing benefits of products containing CBD without any risk to the central nervous system. This non-cannabis product is the first of its kind. Composed of naturally derived plant extracts, this breakthrough product contains properties that can relieve inflammation, treat sore muscles, joints, and tendons, help with recovery and injury prevention, and can even aid in skin rejuvenation.

CB2++ works by activating a newly identified receptor within the body that regulates the healing process, helping you feel better faster. The product operates in the immune system, as opposed to the central nervous system where CBD works. The idea came after years of working with clients and finding a void in the market. They made it their mission to deliver an effective and safe pain reliever that they feel confident using on their children. CB2++ is safe and effective for all ages and all types of aches and pains. Outside of family use the product as also been praised by professional athletes and trainers.

Thanks to the fact that the cream is not sticky it can be used for before or after working out or after a shower for muscle sores (entire body), sunburns, before and after wearing high heels, eczema and more.

CB2++ is available at select retailers including SWEAT 1000 and online.

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