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They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and that especially holds true for shopping. One of the state’s most impressive boutiques of all? Houston’s Kuhl-Linscomb. You don’t earn your degree in shopping until you’ve made your way through its sprawling 5-building campus.

Founded by ASID member and celebrated designer Pam Linscomb, the beloved boutique is a unique animal: thoughtfully curated wares in a hodge-podgy layout. Not unlike its location (the shop is nestled between River Oaks and Montrose), Kuhl-Linscomb’s products are a blend of upscale, trendy, and artsy.

If the shop’s key ingredient is taste, its secret sauce is variety. You can find anything from whimsical children’s furniture to designer kitchenware, and it’s an equally perfect destination for simple needs (a cute gift for your best friend) and grand occasions (a thoughtful, quality registry).

I made an afternoon of my first trip, and it was unforgettable to say the least. I entered through the main building and felt like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole. (I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: The place is huge.) Unless you’re in a hurry, do as my husband and I did: Forego the map and get lost wandering through the buildings. Laugh over inscribed mugs by Fishs Eddy, covet copper barware by Sertodo Copper, and spend some time balancing on Ballo stools by designer Don Chadwick. (You don’t know it yet, but you definitely want to.)

In a sentence, Kuhl-Linscomb’s genius lies in its unbeatable marriage of sheer square footage and quality, varied products. You can make an entire day of your trip, and you’re sure to make away with things you never knew you needed, but couldn’t walk away from. Don’t miss this singular salute to shopping – and collect your diploma on the way out.

Mary Cate is a Houston-based writer, photographer, and reading fiend, recently returned to her native city after time in Austin and New York City. She loves sharing the best of Houston with the world — margaritas, anyone? She and her husband serve local businesses through their digital content company, Two Cats Communications.

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