Canadian Clothing Brand Opens New Location in Houston

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Aritzia is an innovative design house and boutique that creates and develops retail fashion brands by combining exquisite design with quality. The retail powerhouse is proud to announce it’s newest and first Houston location in the Galleria.

Their assortment includes everything from workwear to loungewear and is made with superior fabrics, meticulous constructions, and effortless design. Each piece is made with a distinct vision and aesthetic in mind that is reflected in their minimalistic pieces featuring strong and sharp lines.

Each of Aritzia’s storefronts is considered individually to create an environment that reflects the unique personality and feel of the location and its clientele. They strive to create an ambiance where everyone who walks through the door will leave having a memorable human experience. Aritzia focuses on delivering a world-class customer experience as the highly personable staff will help you select the perfect piece of clothing. 

At the Houston location, unique works of art fill the pink quartz walls and an eclectic collection of vintage furniture and exquisite sculptures are elegantly placed throughout the space to create a boutique that is both feminine and spacious. 

Visit Aritzia on level one of The Galleria, Monday through Saturday 10am–9pm and Sunday 11am–7pm.

All Photos are Courtesy of Aritzia 


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