Pop Up Alert: Start Your Summer with Positive Vibes

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For two days only, experience exclusive styles at Sultana’s Agora, a sensational pop-up marketplace scheduled for June 13-14 inside J. Landa Jewelry. The event will be the first of J. Landa’s “designer lab” series, which features up and coming brands with unique pieces you’re sure to love.

Rice Village, located a short hop from the Rice University campus in Houston, is widely-recognized as one of the area’s most eclectic shopping destinations specializing in diversity and design. And it’s all about to get a little more exciting.

Courtesy of  J. Landa

Alexandra Kaldis Brummett, owner of Houston-based online boutique Sultana’s Daughter, will showcase the marketplace’s pieces including handmade “evil eye” pouches, packs of copal incense (an organic solution to keeping summer mosquitos away), Palo Santo (bundles of “holy wood” for warding-off negative energy), crystal skulls and more. Brummett and her husband James will also present their new brand, Positive Healing Vibes, designed to promote restoration and vitality. The collection also features their newest design: the Positive Healing Vibes caftan silhouette, a stylish, lightweight cotton overdress perfect for Houston’s summertime heat.

Sultana’s Agora will be the first of J. Landa’s “designer labs,” a new concept and opportunity for up-and-coming brands to promote their handcrafted goods. Owner Jay Landa hopes these labs will provide a helping hand for emerging brands, as well as artists to spotlight their goods.

Courtesy of  J. Landa

J. Landa is located in Rice Village, one of the most popular shopping areas in Houston since 1938. Complete with celebrated retail destinations such as Chloe Dao and Hemline, J. Landa adds to a full shopping experience. J. Landa first opened its doors in Rice Village in 1999 as J. Silver, a house of various jewelry brands. As the owner’s passion for design grew and the store became J. Landa, a shop anchored by Landa’s designs still residing in its original location. This local gem provides unforgettable styles inspired by travel, history, religion and art.

Alongside shopping the variety of one-of-a-kind styles at Sultana’s Agora, enjoy early evening delicious light-bites from Helen Greek Wine and Food on Wednesday, June 13 from 5-7 p.m., as well as complimentary champagne.

Feature image courtesy of J. Landa and Becca Wright Multimedia.




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