The Definitive Guide to Houston

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Put a Spring in Your Step: The Ultimate Spring Gift Guide

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Houston is excited for our short-lived winter to be over and the spring sunshine to arrive! This year, spring fashion is all about uniquely shaped and colorful handbags, straw accents, embellished accessories, and bold colors. 

Our city is full of amazing retailers for you to shop during your time here. If you lost your luggage on your journey or don’t love what you packed, we have perfect options for that last minute outfit! This guide is full of pieces to inspire your shopping adventures and bring a piece of Houston home. From one-of-a-kind natural stone jewelry from Deutsch Houston to heirloom-quality accessories from Mariquita Masterson and more, you are bound to find the perfect piece.

Happy Shopping! 

Wallet from 29 North | Bracelet from Christina Greene | Boots from CITY Boots | Earrings from Collectivo | Bag from Gordy & Sons | Earrings from Deutsch Houston | Shirt from Hamilton Shirts | Rings from J.Landa | Everlasting Roses from JoyBox Fine Flowers | Dopp Kit from King Ranch Saddle Shop | Hat from Laurier Blanc | Rings from Lindsey Leigh Jewelry | Guitar from Marchione Guitars | Scarf from Museum of Fine Arts, Houston | Cuff Links & Studs from Mariquita Masterson | PJ set from The Monogram Shop | Jacket from Pinto Ranch | Dress from Saint Bernard | Clutch from Strom Rinzen | Handbag from Tootsies | Blazer from Velleriano Italy | Handbag from Elizabeth Anthony

Publisher of Houston Hotel Magazine and a lifelong Houstonian who's passionate about sharing the wonders of her city. Follow her on Instagram for her latest adventures, @miller_rylife.

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