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You have to look the part to play the part. And finding the right look can be hard to do alone. At Gordy & Sons Outfitters their new personal shopping experience will find the perfect gear for your next fishing trip or your newfound hunting hobby. Their style team provides expert help in ensuring you look and feel confident for whatever it is you need.

Courtesy of Gordy & Sons

These 60-minute appointments are all about you; shoppers can sit back and relax with complimentary refreshments while style experts select curated pieces to best fit your personality, style, and everyday needs. What’s even better is that this service is free of charge and booked outside of business hours, so you can receive one-on-one attention!

Gordy & Sons Outfitters first opened in 2017 and already have made incredible strides in curating the finest products for the outdoor and sporting world. This family-owned company offers a variety of things to make your experience in hunting and fly fishing high-quality. With their team of gunsmiths, Grand Showroom, and conservation partnership with the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust, Gordy & Sons proves world-class service in a well-rounded, one-stop-shop destination for those looking for the best quality gear.

Courtesy of Schöffel Country and Gordy & Sons

Gordy & Sons prides itself in offering the rare and the extraordinary for all things sport, hunting, and fishing related. To add to their fine selection, Gordy & Sons have recently included British brand Schöffel Country, classic lightweight and technical clothing for the discerning country customer. This selection includes lambswool tweed, shooting coats, silk cravats, and more.

Courtesy of Gordy & Sons

Their long line of celebrated products, including their bespoke and fine guns, are the perfect addition to your next hunting trip. In a bustling environment like Houston, you’ll want the top of the line for all your outdoor needs. Gordy & Sons Outfitters offers visitors its finest selection to ensure you’re looking and feeling your best for sporting events in any corner of the world.

For more information, visit their website. Happy hunting!

Featured image courtesy of Gordy & Sons.

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