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Rodeo Ready Gift Guide: Show Up in Style this Rodeo Season

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Houston’s abuzz as everyone gets ready for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, the world’s largest livestock show and richest regular-season rodeo. This unmatched, multi-week event kicks off on Tuesday, March 3rd and continues through March 22nd. Before you saddle up and head down to NRG Park, youll need the perfect outfit with western flair.

Don’t worry — we’ve done the research for you, creating a list of blue-ribbon brands and local designers with items perfect for rodeo season. From one-of-a-kind, natural stone jewelry to beautiful, handmade boots and leather jackets, one thing’s for sure: these fabulous styles will have you Rodeo Ready in no time. Once you’re there, be sure to check out the very best of western shopping in NRG Center, featuring the likes of Christina Greene Jewelry, King Ranch Saddle Shop and much more.  

Blouse from 29 North | Decanter from Bering’s | Hopper Toy from Children’s Museum Houston | Bracelet from Christina Greene | Boots from CITY Boots | Rings from de Boulle | Handbag from Elizabeth Anthony | Cuff Links from Deutsch Houston | Necklace from Fabergé | Women’s Denim Jacket from Frame | Men’s Jacket from Gordy & Sons | Men’s Shirt from Hamilton | Stetson Hat from The Hat Store | Scarf from Hermès | Silver Ice Bucket from George H.W. Bush Presidential Museum | Watch from Jack Mason | Glass Belt Buckle from Mariquita Masterson | Women’s Boots from Kuhl-Linscomb | Men’s Jacket from King Ranch Saddle Shop | Necklace from Lindsey Leigh Jewelry | Leather Tray from Longoria Collection | Men’s Boots from Lucchese | Bolo Ties from Maida’s Belts & Buckles | Guitar from Marchione Guitars | Men’s Boots from Tecovas | Men’s Shirt from Mizzen + Main | Glass Earrings from Mariquita Masterson | Handbag from Moreau Paris | Rose Gold Bracelet from Deutsch Houston | Handbag from Strom Rinzen | Gold and Wood Earrings from Tenenbaum Jewelers | Handbag from The Monogram Shop | Women’s Blouse from Universal Standard | Men’s Blazer from Velleriano Italy | Women’s Jacket from Veronica Beard | Women’s Boots from Tecovas | Custom Embroidered Vintage Bandana from ila and bertie | Bracelet from Deutsch Houston 

Update: as 3/11/2020 The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo has been cancelled due to public health concerns. 

Publisher of Houston Hotel Magazine and a lifelong Houstonian who's passionate about sharing the wonders of her city. Follow her on Instagram for her latest adventures, @miller_rylife.

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