Zip Hers, Rethink Your Activewear

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With her new line of activewear, Debbie Mercer has found a solution for a universal problem all women face: having to “go” on the go. A few years ago, Mercer was in the mist of the Chicago Marathon when she noticed the long line of women waiting for the port-a-cans on the course. The men competing in the race, however, had the option to relieve themselves behind trees without waiting in long lines or losing much time in the race.

Mercer had an idea: create activewear that allows women the same courtesy as men. The Zip Hers team has worked tirelessly over the last three years to bring women a design that is both comfortable and highly functional. The product line consists of running tights, capris, and shorts with an invisible zipper that runs front to back between the legs. The zipper is encased in protective, moisture wicking fabric to ensure that it is undetectable, both in look and feel.

Now, women can be as unhindered as men in their outdoor activities. Zip Hers allows you to “go” with dignity and confidence without having to worry if there are restrooms nearby. The added benefit of this design is that is allows women to use public restrooms or port-a-cans without having to touch the toilet seat.

Visit the website at to view the chic designs and to learn more about this stylish and functional innovation.

All Photos and Videos Courtesy of Zip Hers. 

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