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Summer can be a hard season to stay fit. As much we want to feel great in our bikini and mini dress we also want to enjoy that PiñColada by the pool. We chatted with one of our favorite fitness gurus, Charlise Springer, on how to keep up your summer bod this seasonCharlise grew up in an athletic household and went on to be a Division I athlete, an Olympic level softball player, and is now a sought-after fitness coach. She shared tips with us on how to enjoy yourself this summer without feeling the guilt.

As you will notice, the Houston food scene is booming, and we, of course, would never recommend you pass up the newest restaurant or bar. So, when you are out to eat this summer remember these few tricks to avoid having regrets the next day.   

  1. Water: Make sure to drink water before and during your meal. Often times our bodies confuse hunger with dehydration, so having a glass of water can help you avoid overeating. Also don’t forget to drink a glass in between cocktails to avoid that dreaded hangover.  
  2. Portion Control: One of the biggest challenges of eating while traveling is understanding portions and being mindful of serving sizesTry to avoid keeping a large portion of food in front of you by ordering an appetizer as your entrée or serving yourself from the main course onto a smaller plate.  
  3. Mindful Meals: The best way to avoid indulging is to be mindful of eating balanced meals; making sure you get the proper amount of proteins, vegetables, carbs and healthy fats. This balance helps manage hunger levels and lessens cravings for potentially unhealthy snacks in between meals. 
  4. Snack Smarter: Pack your own snacks and healthy favorites to keep temptations at bay while you are out exploring the city. Great options include, nuts, granola bars, vegetables, whole grain crackers, fruit, protein bars, and rice cakes.
  5. Drinking 101: Try your best to avoid sugary drinks. Alcoholic or not, sugary drinks will leave you feeling drained, bloated and parched. A great substitution is to pair your favorite liquor with seltzer water and fresh fruit. All of our favorite Tex-Mex spots have skinny margarita options that are delicious.

The goal of traveling is to experience that culture, especially through the local cuisine so enjoy your trip

Traveling can be the easiest excuse for getting off your workout routine, but it doesn’t have to be! Stay motivated by reminding yourself why you enjoy exercising and find ways to fit in a work out without feeling like you are compromising vacation mode  

There are plenty of easy exercises you can do in your hotel room or gym. Circuit or HIIT (high intensity interval training) techniques are the easiest to do while away from home because they do not require specific equipment. These training techniques include doing an exercise or movement for a short, but very intense, burst of time. You continue this short burst of energy for 4-5 different movements, one right after the other, with minimal rest. Charlise recommends air squats, inclined push-ups, reverse crunches, lunges, hip thrusts and planks for 15-20 minutes to ensure you do not compromise form. Carving out only 15-20 minutes of your morning is doable and will leave you feeling ready to take on the day.  

Need that extra boost of motivation or want to explore the fitness scene in Houston? Check out local spin studio, Ryde, or SWEAT1000 for a full body HIIT class. The trainers at both studios are incredibly motivating and will leave you wanting to squeeze in another class before you leave town. Make sure to say ‘hi’ to Charlise, who is a trainer at SWEAT1000and let her know what led you to her class!

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