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Ivy Bar & Bistro is Officially Open

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Ivy Bar & Bistro, part of Fiori Spa’s expansion, is officially open. Experience Italian fare, unique drinks, and an upscale environment in Houston’s vibrant Galleria area. Keep Reading

Blue Onyx Bistro is Bringing Houston Strength and Happiness

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blue onyx bistro

Since we first announced the opening of Blue Onyx Bistro earlier this year, we stopped by recently for a second peek and it did not disappoint!  Chef David Chung has merged his diverse culinary background with this concept.  At 20 years old, his journey began when he moved from Taiwan to the U.S. to work at a Chinese restaurant in New York, a Japanese joint in Denver and lastly a French bistro in North Carolina before bringing it all together with an upscale seafood, sushi and steak concept.  With a vast sushi menu and Japanese inspired seafood and beef dishes, each offering is unique in both taste and presentation.
Keep Reading

The Only Place in Texas For South African Cuisine

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What is South African cuisine?

If you’re wondering, you’re not alone – for most, the food of South Africa is shrouded in mystery, an elusive phenomenon that no one can quite put a finger on. The reason for its impalpability is twofold. One, South African cuisine is a melting pot of flavors, reflective of the cultural diversity that has given the Republic of South Africa its nickname, the “Rainbow Nation.” Two, no one in Texas has ever served South African food – until recently. Keep Reading

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