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River Oaks District Welcomes Veronica Beard

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Sisters-in-law’s Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard launched Veronica Beard, the brand, in 2010. The had duo set out to put a modern take on iconic pieces and launched with their signature dicky blazer – a blazer with interchangeable faux hooded-second layers. The company now offers over 20 jackets, many of which you can mix and match dickeys with to create blazer full of personality. In the past 9 years the company has grown to offer women pieces to take them from the office, to happy hour, a holiday cocktail party and every occasion between. Keep Reading

Mi Golondrina Brings Authentic Mexican Styles To Houston

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In 2013 Cristina Lynch launched fashion brand, Mi Golondrina out of her hometown of Dallas. Lynch was raised with rich Mexican culture and fell in love with Mexican art and design early on. The brand was founded to not only introduce traditional Mexican fashion to her modern audience but support independent female artisans. Mi Golondrina now partners with over 500 artisans in Mexico to create unique, one of a kind, handmade pieces that represent Mexico’s designs and culture.

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Universal Standard is Changing How You Shop

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Universal Standard started in 2015 when then friends and now co-founders, Polina Veksler and Alexandra Waldman, were frustrated with the fact that size inclusively and style were mutually exclusive. The brand now carries a wide assortment of everyday basics, work wear items and on trend pieces in sizes 00-40. Each style goes through rigorous fit testing so the worries of “will it look the same on me?” or “this is made for a size 6 and doesn’t fit me right” are thoughts of the past. Along with that many of the pieces are photographed on women of all sizes so you are able to both better determine what size you are, and have a more realistic preview of how it will fit. Keep Reading

Moreau Paris Opens Its Second Stateside Location

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Moreau Paris was established in 1882 with the dream of creating luxury leather travel items and leather goods like never before. The original creative team took inspiration from the natural patterns of classic wicker suitcases to create the uniquely minimalistic pattern seen on Moreau’s pieces. Moreau Paris has continued to value luxury from its inception in the days of Napoleon to modern times. The brand’s new Creative Director, Fedor Georges Savchenko, remains true to the brand’s original identity, while reinvigorating the brand with new life and modernity.  Each leather good is created with craftsmanship, knowledge, and French production ensuring the pieces meet the highest standard of quality and luxury. Keep Reading

Geometric Collection from Christina Greene Jewelry

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Christina Greene started her namesake jewelry line in 2011 and since then has taken the Texas jewelry world by storm. Each one of the collections is inspired by her world travels and feature genuine semi-precious stones and 18K gold plating over hypoallergenic and nickel-free brass. Her latest collection, the geometric collection, launched today and is full of pieces that are perfect for summer.  Keep Reading

Shopping & Dining at Uptown Park is Better Than Ever

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Almost a year ago, luxury shopping center Uptown Park began renovations to the property. Recently, this renovation came to a close and included a few new and exciting retailers and restaurants. The changes made Uptown Park even more of a top destination for visitors and locals; with updated walkways, brightened exteriors and modern communal spaces. This is all thanks to real-estate developer, EDENS.  Keep Reading

Russell Gordy: The Humble Philanthropist, Business & Family Man

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Russell Gordy’s resume is quintessentially Texan. Oil and gas. Wheeling and dealing in Houston’s happening real estate scene. An avid outdoorsman with a spread of ranches encompassing more than 150,000 acres across several states.   Keep Reading

Ethically Sourced Stones at Jianna Jewelers

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Jianna Jewelers may be new to Houston but the team brings decades of experience to their new store in Kirby Collection. The jewelry store celebrates its rich history as a third-generation, custom-jewelry manufacturer that has a dedicated focus on providing ethically-sourced stones.  Keep Reading

JoyBox Fine Flowers Delivers Happiness in a Box

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JoyBox Fine Flowers launched in 2017 by Houstonian, Layla Asgari, and opened the doors to their studio almost a year later. Layla, a dentist by trade, started JoyBox after realizing her dream floral arrangement didn’t exist, a statement box filled to the brim with seasonal blooms.  Her unique boxes are handmade in Houston and are available in every color under the rainbow. Layla works with her team to dream up new floral designs daily, so they’re always fresh.   Keep Reading

Everything You Could Need is at The Monogram Shop

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The Monogram Shop located in the greater memorial neighborhood launched in October 1987 at Willowbrook Mall. The original kiosk was founded by Janet Burke, who saw a void in the market for non-commercial monogram goods. Her passion quickly turned into a thriving business that is now a go-to destination for not only monogrammed goods but curated gifts, home decor, seasonal items and much more! Keep Reading

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