Color Factory – Experience Houston Through Color!

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Color Factory, founded in San Francisco, is an interactive exhibit full of multiple installations that celebrate the discovery, serendipity, and generosity of color. With locations previously only in SF and New York, Houston is honored to be home of the third Color Factory. The fact that we are the most diverse city in the country is what drew the team here as one of their missions is to bring people together in a lively, vibrant environment.

Their team shared that Houston was the only logical city for their expansion. Our vibrant, curious, artistic, and quirky nature creates the perfect environment for such a fun-loving and experimental exhibit such as Color Factory. Houston’s rich diversity of cultures represented in our population was another major factor in the decision to expand to this city. Color Factory honors this diversity by creating the Houston location as completely bilingual in Spanish and English.

Color Factory’s mission is to present their artist’s visions in the most authentic way possible while also representing the culture and personality of the city accurately. To ensure this authenticity, their team collaborates with local nonprofits, brands, and governments before the inception of its installations to make absolutely sure your experience reflects the city it emulates.

They strive to align themselves with each city they enter by partnering with initiatives already set in place. The Houston location has partnered with Project Color Corps, a non-profit organization that fosters revitalization of schools, community centers, and the community itself through a co-design process that brings new life through art. Color Factory believes in the power of art and color to transform lives and is funding a mural painting in Houston that is to be created by members of Project Color.

The 20,000-square-foot space consists of 14 colorful exhibits all with unique ways to interact. Each will ignite all five of your senses, thanks to magical things to see, hear, touch, smell, and of course, taste. As the installations are inspired by the city in which they reside, your experience at Color Factory will leave you with a new understanding and appreciation for Houston.

The exhibit will be open from until November 26, so make sure to check out this intriguing and transformative experience before it’s too late!

All Photos Courtesy of Cody Bess

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