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Where to Kickstart Your 2019 Exercise Resolutions

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We are 7 days into 2019 – just enough time to either already be behind on your resolutions or still nailing your resolutions down. If you are already an avid exerciser or looking to expand your work out routine, we have you covered! These three locally owned exercise facilities are delivering both unique perspectives and physical results. 

Control Studio Pilates

Photo Courtesy of Control Studio

Courtney Lindsay and Kale Luhrman opened Control Studios to bring the classical approach of Pilates to Houston. Original(OG) Pilates is based on Joseph Pilates original method known as, Contrology which focuses the act of controlling the strength of your body-hence the name of the studio-Control Studios. After many years of teaching Pilates as their ‘side hustle’, Lindsay and Luhrman decided to open their own studio and bring a unique hands-on, intimate and the traditional approach of Pilates to Houston. As Pilates has grown and become more popular the equipment has evolved as well, but Control Studio uses the Gratz apparatus, which was created by Joseph in the 1920’s.

Photo Courtesy of Control Studio

Classes at Control Studio include yoga, mat Pilates (limited to 7 people), reformer classes (limited to 4 people) and the popular mom and baby mat Pilates class. The small class nature of the studio allows instructors to provide personal hands-on instruction throughout a class. The studio is decorated unlike any other workout facility in Houston. The space resembles an ideal at-home gym, with plants, and on-trend fixtures that enhances the community nature of the studio. Lindsay, Luhrman and their entire team are wholeheartedly dedicated to building relationships with their clients, helping you achieve your personal fitness goals and passing along the ‘OG Pilates’ method and mission to every student.

SWEAT 1000

Photo Courtesy of SWEAT 1000

SWEAT 1000 is the high-intensity training workout facility in South Africa and thanks to Jordan and Ana Strouse it is now in Houston. After living in Cape Town for a few years, Ana not only fell in love with the SWEAT 1000 workout but the fact that prior to going she felt she was in shape only to learn her body could be even stronger. That is just what SWEAT 1000 delivers, a challenge to everyone who steps through the doors. Classes are designed for people of all ranges, from someone who has not worked out in weeks or years to even a professional athlete. You may be wondering how can that be?

Jordan & Ana, Photo Courtesy of Audra Oden

It is because you have the ability to make it as hard or leisurely as you want. SWEAT stands for Specialized Weight Endurance Athletic Training, and 1000 representing the calories burned in each class. During the 60-minute class, you will engage in full body interval training that changes every class. While many HIT studios have class themes, SWEAT believes that every class should work your entire body. Ana and Jordan are passionate about creating a lifestyle within SWEAT 1000, a place where clients become family with both the trainers and each other, judgment is non-existent and positivity is a must.


Photo Courtesy of Obi Grant

Indoor cycling studios are not necessarily a new form of exercise, but they are newer to the boutique fitness studio market. Ryde Houston had its first class three years ago at their flagship River Oaks location and recently opened downtown Houston’s first indoor cycling studio. Design firm Rottet Studio (behind Hotel Alessandra) oversaw the space which is the firm’s first fitness-focused project. The interior and overall feeling of the studio will not disappoint and leave you feeling inspired both creatively and physically. Co-Founder Andrew Pappas, alongside partners Ashley Gooch and Lisi Garcia, have created a reputation for being inclusive of all skill levels, using high-end equipment, delivering physical results and having both a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Photo Courtesy of Obi Grant

The results come from a mixture of talent within their team and state-of-the-art data that is tracked throughout the class and sent via a private email after class. All specifically tailored to your age, gender and weight. What makes Ryde different than other spin studios? The new Downtown location offers ‘ryders’ eucalyptus towels at the end of class, a secondary entrance through a light-locked vestibule for those running late or leaving early and a locker room that feels more like a spa than a typical locker room. The ‘locker room’ is equipped with luxury bath products and Dyson hair dryers. Pappas believes “the devil is in the details” and strives to make Ryde not just a place clients workout, but a lifestyle.

Feature Photo of Ryde Courtesy of Obi Grant. 

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