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Since 1974, visitors from around the world have flocked to the Texas Renaissance Festival, an acclaimed faire held across nine themed weekends (September 30-November 26) in the fall.

Recognized as the largest Renaissance faire in the nation, Texas Ren Fest welcomes over half a million merrymakers per annum to its 55-acre festival ground, “New Market Village,” an authentic recreation of a 16th century English township. There are performances by the more than 350 costumed actors, a dizzying array of international food options, and shoppes offering artisanal, handcrafted, and otherwise one-of-a-kind wares. It’s an experience to say the least.

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Simply traversing the park is an exercise in entertainment. Hundreds of costumed actors are employed at the faire, and they make it their aim to tease and delight festival guests. For more organized performances, refer to the official entertainment schedule.

With over 25 stages and attractions ranging from “Birds of Prey” — an impressive free-flying demonstration featuring hawks, owls, eagles, and more — to the Joust, an accurate reenactment of a medieval jousting tournament, complete with armor, authentic weapons, and knights, there is truly something for everyone.

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Take a walking tour of European cuisine, with options ranging from the classic turkey leg to a sumptuous, six-course King’s Feast. From Spain to Poland to Greece, options are endless (and endlessly tasty).

If you enjoy the delights of this year’s faire, be sure to return in 2018 to sample the Bierock, a yeast roll stuffed with spiced meat that won The Royal Chef Showdown. With Lady Di and Queen Elizabeth II’s former chef as one of the contest judges, you can bet the savory roll is a can’t-miss item.


Metalwork. Woodcrafting. Instruments. Glasswork. Sculpting. The more than 400 vendors of the Texas Renaissance Festival are as varied as they are skilled, and it’s a unique pleasure to peruse their wares. Some artisans even travel the nation throughout the year, selling their treasures at a variety of venues. Happy shopping!

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