Altitudes & Attitudes: The Booming Business of Private Air Travel

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Flying the friendly skies has never been so luxurious, and business is booming…especially in Texas. Accessibility to private jets is revolutionizing today’s air travel market. We take a look at two of the top companies blazing new contrails in transportation.

An increasing number of consumers are beginning to fly privately, skipping the long lines at TSA on the front end and bustling baggage claim on the back end. Whether it’s an elaborate vacation or a quick business trip within the Lone Star State, here is a listing of companies with local connections who have just the right accommodations for your travel-in-style-needs.

Jet Linx

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For nearly two decades, Jet Linx Aviation has flown the vast Texas skies, with locations in Houston, Fort Worth, Dallas and San Antonio. Each location is hyper-localized to ensure the high standard of customer service and loyalty in an industry that many have believed to become flashy.  “While Jet Linx has all the benefits of a nationally-operated company, we pride ourselves on our locally-serviced base locations.” Says Jamie Walker, President and CEO of Jet Linx.  Jet Linx operates over 105 aircrafts at 18 base locations.  Also, unlike many competitors, Jet Linx does not charge round-trip rates for a one-way trip.


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Over the past 20+ years, Flexjet has developed into more than a private aircraft company by placing great strength on relationships with both clients and vendors. Whether you are a frequent flyer, traveling as a pair or an occasional flyer with a larger group, they have a plan to fit your needs.  Flexjet strives to always provide the most personalized service. It features a modern fleet (average age of 6 years), flight crews dedicated to a single, specific aircraft and more than 25 different custom cabin interior designs across the fleet.  The Flexjet fleet sits at more than 130 aircraft from all classes, with custom designed interiors, large leather seats, state-of-the-art technology and much more.

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